July 20th, 1940



Herr Hitler has made it known that all German children should join a youth group. I have joined the motor club and I’m putting my apprentice skills to good use. Right now, I am at summer camp. My group is staying right near the ocean, on a beautiful beach that has many sand dunes. Every morning, the other boys and I go for a run along the ocean. Then we must come back and tidy up our rooms and make our beds. Our teacher drops a coin on someone’s bed each day to make sure the sheets and covers are pulled tight. We are then allowed to eat and must sit in class all morning after our breakfast. But in the afternoon, we are allowed to play. Because all of us boys are in the motor club, they give us motorcycles to fix and ride. Although there are about 60 bikes, only 30 usually work. So I make sure to get to the motorcycles very quickly after class is over. The instructors set up courses on the beach and use flags to mark the path we should follow. It is very difficult to drive a motorcycle on sand! The bikes are very light and many boys have crashed. Just yesterday, I crashed my motorcycle into a ditch and had to spend the night in the infirmary because I busted my nose. Herr Hitler sponsors all of these camps and schools. He wants us to keep busy and out of trouble. German children cannot just loaf around all day. My little sister is at summer camp for girls. She has traveled a lot and my Mother told me she is in Austria right now. I must go, it is time for bed.



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