March 21st, 1936



This is my first entry. My mother gave me this journal only a few hours ago in honor of my 10th birthday. She told me I should write down all the exciting events in my life. I suppose I should start at the beginning and tell you a little about myself. I was born ten years ago today in this very town of Dabrowä, Poland. I live with my mother, father and sister at our little house near the edge of our town. My grandmother owns a farm not far from here, with many more cows and chickens than we have. I go to school not far away, with the other Catholic children in the town. Father has a good job and I am able to go to good schools. I am at the top of my class. My mother is German so I know how to speak German and Polish. I am learning English as well. Not all of the other children can speak so many languages. But now that I am ten, I only have a few more years at school with the little children. Than I must decide what I will do once I am a man. I think that I want to build ships when I am old enough. My uncle is a carpenter. Sometimes I go to work with him and he teaches me how to carve and build beautiful furniture. I like working with wood and my uncle says that I have talent. Well, I have to go now; my father says it is time for church.



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