About Henry’s Diary

This journal details the life of Henry Sobcek, a man who was born in Poland, served in the German military, and eventually immigrated to the United States. All of the events and details described in the journal are based on Henry’s experiences before, during and after World War II. I have taken the information from his interview and created a journal, consisting of multiple entries and various annotations with background information and additional historical facts. Although the exact dates themselves are my own creation, they are based on the actual timeline of Henry’s life. The journal is still incomplete and there are many gaps in the chronology which could be filled in to further explore Henry’s daily life. I have tried to present the major events of his story and will continue to update the rest of the journal as time permits.

 This is a journal focused only on Henry’s story. While I have tried to provide some additional background, there are many aspects of the war that are not addressed. Most notably, this includes the persecution and murder of millions of Jews in Germany, Poland and many other parts of Western and Eastern Europe. This is not meant to diminish these events or condone the actions of the Germans. This journal is merely presenting one story among millions during the war.

 Henry is still alive and lives in Pennsylvania.

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