February 19th, 1943



I have finally arrived back in Dabrowä. My return home was delayed by an injury I received while in Berlin. A few weeks ago, the soft light of morning also brought with it more airplanes and bombs. Living in Berlin, I have learned to distinguish between the types of bombs which are dropped on the city. This is a skill every man, woman and child has been forced to learn. There are bombs that whistle as they fall from the sky. This is what we call a “regular” bomb – it hits the earth and sends shrapnel flying in all directions. It is best to be relatively close to where this bomb hits. The pieces of earth and metal will hopefully fly over your head instead of hitting you. Once you hear the sound of the bomb, you must move quickly for cover. The second type of bomb is silent and therefore much more dangerous. This bomb is filled with chemicals that burn the skin and cannot be rinsed away with water. Luckily, I was injured by the exploding shrapnel of a regular bomb. A piece of metal cut my neck and the doctor tells me I will always have a scar, if I survive this war. Yes, it is good to be home in Dabrowä and away from Berlin.



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