October 15th, 1946



I have been remarkably busy these past few months. I have become a courier of sorts, moving around from camp to camp throughout Germany, going wherever my services are needed. I am usually in Hamburg or Lübek and I stay mostly in the north. Sometimes I will go as far west as the French border, but this is unusual. However, my travels allow me to buy and trade things for a nice profit. There is a thriving black market trade in this area and certain supplies are in demand. I’ve begun trading cigarettes and buying fine shoes and clothing. Sometimes I can get extra fuel and I can sell that on the market in exchange for other goods.


I have met a young woman, a practical nurse in one of the camps in Hamburg. Her name is Anne and she is very beautiful. We are to be married in a few days time and my profits from trading will allow me to provide for her. My father, mother and sister have recently arrived in Hamburg as well. My family fled our home years ago, when the Russians were moving into western Germany. They lived on various farms throughout the war until the fighting was over. It is a blessing we all survived, although my family has nothing more than the clothes on their backs. I was able to steal some old German uniforms and dye them a simple blue for my father to wear. I will continue to trade and sell materials until we can all live comfortably.



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