June 14th, 1942



I have just arrived in Hamburg, having traveled from my base in Berlin. Berlin is a dangerous city and it is good to be gone, even if it is only for a few days. The bombing is heavy right now. Only a few days ago, a group of men from our radio station company were killed by one of the bombs. It is best to leave the city as quickly as possible when you hear the sound of airplanes overhead.


I cannot begin to describe what it is like driving my supply truck through the Alps. I am in charge of the supplies for the northern part of Germany, whereas some of my other friends supply the east and the west. The mountains are difficult to navigate and I have to stop frequently in order to re-fuel my truck. It is a three ton truck that is powered by wood. There is a boiler on the side of the truck and a fire into which I throw pieces of wood about every fifty miles. The wood burns up and creates a gas which powers the truck. Gasoline is expensive and hard to come by. Most cars in the city are run on wood as well because we need the gas for planes and trains in the war effort. In any case, I will be leaving Hamburg and heading south to resupply in Berlin. I am told I will be heading to Lübek for my next run.




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