October 14th, 1943




Our time in Königsberg was short and we spent most of it loading mines onto ships which were patrolling the Baltic Sea. Now I am back in Hamburg, continuing my naval training. Because I have a background in mechanics, my training will only take about six months, or half of the normal length of time. I am with the under seas division, anticipating an assignment on a U-boat. There are many types of boats, some larger than others. There is even a small U-boat with an electric motor which launches from a bigger ship and searches out the biggest enemy ship it can find. While it sounds exciting, I will not volunteer for these small U-boats. It is almost as dangerous as going into Russia and I’m sure I wouldn’t survive. I have leaned how to dive however. There are about twelve men in my training group. We wear only the simplest of clothing and a “lung” which contains oxygen and allows us to breathe underwater. We can go down about 70 meters into the water. I hope this is a skill I won’t ever have to use.




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